1. We Are All Designers

Designing the Future of Freeman—and Our Industry

As architect, designer, and inventor Buckminster Fuller famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to design it.”


I couldn’t agree more.

Face-to-face brand experiences remain the most powerful platform to create change. Through live events, our clients deliver their vision, launch groundbreaking new products, and attract new audiences. These are the moments that create movements by introducing new ideas that connect people to each other and introduce ideas that transform our future.

Today, the bar is higher than ever. Audiences expect more at events—more personalized experiences, more interesting content, and more opportunities to connect, and to participate.

We have an incredible opportunity to reimagine the experience channel, to harness the disruptions impacting our drastically changing world, and to fully realize the potential, and the power, of human connection.

Answering the new audience expectations

Over the past 88 years, we’ve reinvented our business to stay ahead of our customers’ evolving needs. As a trusted advisor, we help our customers by trying to anticipate what is next, and have made significant investments over the years in new global solutions and technologies including strategy, creative, AV, and digital.

We’re ready to again reinvent, and have embraced design thinking to shape our future.

Changing ourselves to change the industry

We’ve been on a design-thinking path for several years.

Effective design has always been critical to our success as a company — our systems, processes, operations, and logistics are proof of that. We’re applying the same design-thinking approach to navigate the changing future and create meaningful innovations that offer real and sustainable value to our customers and their audiences.

We are inspired by intersectional innovation; the idea that groundbreaking innovation happens when diverse perspectives come together. As we set forth our goal to transform our industry, we looked for a trusted partner to be the perfect complement to our team, to add a unique point of view as we fulfill our vision to transform, grow, and extend the world of live engagements.

Renowned visionary, innovator, and designer Bruce Mau has joined us as our “Designer-in-Residence.” His approach to design thinking aligns directly with our Freeman values, and he is inspired, as we are, about the amazing opportunity to evolve the live event experience. Over the past year, he’s worked alongside our team to help Freeman focus on designing fresh, effective outcomes for all aspects of our business.

The future is waiting for us to design it. Are you in?