1. Live In The Time of Quarantine
Recovery begins with a realistic recalibration. There’s a psychological phenomenon that I refer to as “unexpressed expectations = planned resentment.” In all walks of life — social, business, family, recreational — people are disappointed, become angry, and are sometimes disillusioned because an outcome falls short of their hopes and dreams. And they don’t connect their resentment with […]
  1. Posts You Won't Want to Miss
When seismic shifts alter the landscape, it’s time to reconnoiter. It’s been interesting to see how various enterprises have learned to pivot in order to remain viable during this prolonged pandemic and ensuing economic crisis. Physicians and their elderly patients have learned to connect on streaming video and many of us have had a COVID […]
  1. Posts You Won't Want to Miss
  2. We Are All Designers
We can all be champions of positive change. I am so proud. My dear friend, Freeman Chief Design Officer Bruce Mau, is the subject of the eponymous documentary currently being screened at SXSW. He has led an amazing life and inspired so many people, from such different walks of life, to embrace a design-thinking approach and effect […]
  1. Lessons In Leadership
  2. Posts You Won't Want to Miss
Celebrating International Women’s Day. Have you noticed lately how many women have been promoted to the C-suite level of their respective organizations? If you have, the next question you answer may be more revealing. Have you noticed how many men have achieved this distinction? My point is, our brains are hard-wired to detect incongruities in […]



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