1. Thoughts from the Zeitgeist

Joy to the (Changing) World!

For so many of us, heading into the holiday break is a lot like tumbling out of a speeding toboggan – where the crash is followed by a moment of sweet relief and gratitude that we’ve survived another successful run with our dignity and spirit intact.


As another remarkable year comes to a close, I feel grateful for the people I’m privileged to work with – colleagues, clients, partners – who embrace the opportunities before us with unflagging enthusiasm. The world is changing.  No industry will be immune from the disruptive forces destined to replace complacency and mediocrity with creativity, innovation and unfettered growth. And that is good for all of us in an industry that seeks to help people make meaningful connections.

Make no mistake: our industry is ripe for reform, and we must collectively embrace change and design our own future. But the biggest transformation on the horizon will continue to take place in the hearts and minds of the people we work with and depend on every day. The events we help create bring out the best in hundreds of thousands of people each year all around the world. We provide wondrous forums of interchange where ideas, politics, commerce and culture converge. We help the medical community relieve suffering, prevent disease and save lives. We help customers launch new technologies, discover new sources of energy and showcase new products. And we help enable leaders, innovators and artists to bring hope, peace and prosperity to an increasingly volatile world. That’s what we do. And it’s a gift.

We are truly blessed. I wish you all cherished moments with family and friends… a pause in the hub bub in which you can renew your heads and hearts. And then, get ready to ring in what’s sure to be a transformational New Year. Happy Holidays!