We Are All Designers

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It’s another lesson in design thinking. The first time I heard a colleague use the word “skeuomorphism,” I was delighted to discover that there was a name for the design methodology that I was seeing everyday but not really thinking about. Examples are literally all over the typical computer “desktop” (a verbal skeuomorph), as evidenced […]
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  2. We Are All Designers
We can all be champions of positive change. I am so proud. My dear friend, Freeman Chief Design Officer Bruce Mau, is the subject of the eponymous documentary currently being screened at SXSW. He has led an amazing life and inspired so many people, from such different walks of life, to embrace a design-thinking approach and effect […]
  1. We Are All Designers
#20 Design the Platform for The Power Double Double This is an ongoing series, based on conversations with Bruce Mau, to help people working in the brand-experience medium embrace and apply the 24 Design Principles. I believe that spending time with these interrelated, non-linear habits of thinking can help us realize better outcomes – at […]