1. Lessons In Leadership

The Worst Thing About Yourself Is The Best Thing About Yourself

This is true for me and for most people I know. Our greatest weakness is what makes us great.


The guy who has a hard time making decisions is really open to new ideas and encourages further discovery. The woman who has poor organizational skills and a cluttered office s is brilliant when it comes to thinking on her feet.

Me? I can walk into a room and sell ideas with passion and conviction. I love helping customers think about their business and all of the possible ways to improve and expand client services. But I can’t spend all of my time there; there’s other work to be done.

You are probably equipped with a two-edged sword much like mine. It’s great for slaying dragons, but there’s a risk of collateral damage on the back swing. We all need to be self-aware enough to know our strengths and, conversely, recognize when we are in that vulnerable spot – because the two things look a lot alike. (By the way, this is a great argument for surrounding yourself with team members with different strengths and weaknesses, so you can cover for each other. Watch for more on this in my next blog post.)

It’s important to invest time in your addressing your weakness. It takes hard work to focus on the things that don’t reinforce your self-esteem. But it’s a great habit – and it keeps your sword sharp for the next dragon that comes your way.