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Time to Give Thanks

On the second Monday in October and the fourth Thursday in November, Canadians and Americans, respectively, observe their annual Thanksgiving celebrations. Of course, a post-harvest ceremony to express gratitude for nature’s bounty is found in many countries and cultures. Celebrations date back at least to the ancient Greeks, who gave us the mythic Cornucopia. Even in a post-agrarian society, the shortening of daylight hours — in which so many of us leave for work and return in total darkness — provokes some primal urge to hunker down and enjoy a day of feasting in the comfort of friends and relations.


Traditionally, in my family, Thanksgiving includes some combination of eating Turkey and watching football (go Colts). But we all know that it’s the time shared with family that matters most. For those of us who log so many days on the road or plugging away for long hours in the office, Thanksgiving is a needed respite. It’s a time to recharge and to show appreciation to those we hold dear — those who sustain us emotionally and even spiritually.

I am grateful for my immediate family and for that place of unconditional love we share. I am grateful for all those important people in my life whom I try to keep close. I am grateful for the love of people who no longer walk this earth but are a big part of who I am. I am grateful, and humbled, to be part of my at-work family.  And I am grateful and thankful to those hardworking folks who are sacrificing their Thanksgiving to create amazing brand experiences for our clients.

We are engaged in work that is often challenging, exhausting and stressful. But it is important work — transformative work — and it is a privilege to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with people who share the same values, the same worth ethic, and the same belief in our ability to shape the future.