To blog or not to blog

Have you ever noticed that some of the most important rules of business look a lot like common sense dressed up in an Armani sport coat? And have you ever been surprised (dismayed, disheartened) to discover that some of these common sense rules aren’t all that common?
Of course, when you’ve been on the planet long enough, you start to realize that the lessons learned from your mom, your school friends and your first crush actually have a bearing on the universe at large. Even a bad boss can teach you important things about yourself. I’ve absorbed many valuable lessons from flawed human beings.
Lesson One: It takes one to know one. We’re ALL flawed human beings.
Lesson Two: Everyone you meet is a possible teacher; don’t stop learning.
Often, when I share an anecdote with a friend or colleague that exemplifies one of these simple “life lessons,” they genuinely appreciate the story and apply it. It seems to happen more and more. (Does that mean I’m getting older, or that I’m hanging out with younger people?) In any event, it got me thinking about how many simple truths I’ve picked up over the years. In honor of the people who’ve helped set me straight in the past, and in the spirit of paying it forward, I’ve committed to sharing some of those observations here.
~ bph

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