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Prime Opportunity

Don’t miss this exclusive offer!

The recent swirl of promotions around Prime Day and its competitive offshoots all assure me that my life will be much more productive, organized, and fulfilling if I secure the right products right now. A hardbound daily diary is designed to sort out and balance my crazy schedule. Sleep machines will bring me rest. The latest gadgets, from mini food processors to yoga wheels, will help me easily adopt an invigorating wellness plan.

If only.

But these promotions do serve to remind me that there are things I actually need. Things we all need. Sleep. Nutrition. Shelter. Love. And a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. Busy people routinely juggle these needs and not always successfully. We can get so busy focusing on our clients’ or other’s demands that we neglect our own.

So, consider this a one-time prime opportunity that you should act on today — a gift card to yourself. Think about your own needs and redeem the card accordingly. Thirty extra minutes of sleep? Lunch that is not scarfed down between Zoom calls?  Permission to abstain from a meeting at which you won’t really add value? 

Use the gift card judiciously. Be kind to yourself today.

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