Integrity first, in every situation

Integrity is an essential Freeman value, but I hope it’s also a personal value for each of us. I like to think we all listen to that little voice in our head that reminds us to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. You were probably taught, as I was, to tell the truth, be helpful, and earn my keep.

Integrity First

People with integrity give everything their best effort. They are honest – with a truthfulness that begins with self-knowledge. They have a moral compass that’s points to True North and they follow it.

Although some people think “dishonesty” is the opposite of integrity, in my experience, it’s not always that obvious. A breach of integrity can be a failure to do anything at all. And it often slips through the door dressed up like old-fashioned, “harmless” hypocrisy.  That’s what we need to guard against. Integrity means acting according to the principles we’ve sworn allegiance to – even when it’s hard, even when it’s “no big deal,” and even when we are the only ones who will ever know.

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