Everything not done by design happens by accident.

This is a lesson learned from Bruce Mau. Everything we do in life involves a choice. We can act with intent, or we can just see what happens. Guess which works best. This doesn’t preclude experimentation or spontaneity. As Bruce says, “Process is more important than outcome.”  Another key Bruce-ism: “Organization = Liberty.” Our Freeman values are design values.  They shape our behavior. They help us know which way to turn without telling us where to go.

Everything not done by design happens

Our enterprise-wide One Freeman by Design approach, at its most basic level, comes down to making a conscious choice to design everything we do. That means we do everything “on purpose” and not by accident. Answering the phone? Start by committing to the simple plan of making the person on the other end of the line happier than when they first dialed your number. Designing a form? Make it easy to understand and complete. Making a recommendation to a client worth millions in incremental business? Start by thinking about the client experience from their perspective. At Freeman, we are all designers. The learning cycle is simply the process that puts intention and discipline behind our creative ideas. That what design means.

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